Heading into spring break, we had a great flow going in my classroom and a good blend of hands-on activities and technology. One of the things I love about the spring semester is that the students hit their stride. They know what to do in the classroom, our routines, and each other.

This year, we went into spring break knowing that we’d have an extra week off because of COVID-19, but we quickly learned that it would be even longer. Like teachers across the country, we had to figure out what we were doing—fast.

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With summer school, we’re now facing a new challenge: how can we help students who have fallen behind or are struggling in this new distance learning environment? I believe we can help students thrive by leaning on the lessons we all had to learn in a hurry over the last couple months.

1. Lean on your team.

The first couple weeks after schools closed were crazy. I jumped into countless trainings and had long days of meetings and collaboration with the three other second-grade teachers and my student teacher. It’s always a challenge to make sure team members are all on the same page, but in a new situation, having each other to lean on and learn from is both helpful and reassuring.

About the Author:

Macy Schmidt teaches second grade at Plover-Whiting Elementary School in Wisconsin. She can be reached at mschmidt@pointschools.net.