Now that a global pandemic and its multiple impacts on education have coincided with a renewed focus on equity, there’s a lot to be mindful about. And with the new school year about to present even more challenges and uncertainties, staying mindful and staying focused on providing an equitable education are likely to prove more difficult and important than ever.

During a recent edWebinar, the social-emotional learning and mindfulness specialist for the Austin Independent School District, James Butler, explained ways that educators can work with their students improve their mindfulness and the equity of their schools under these unique circumstances.

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Referring to a graphic that showed three concentric circles, Butler pointed out that educators’ mindfulness needs to start with themselves but should also be applied to their students, as well as to the school systems that can determine whether or not students receive an equitable education.

Mindful support for educators and students

Butler emphasized that educators need to take good care of themselves if they are going to do the “the long, hard work” of teaching effectively during a pandemic and striving to end inequities that have existed for centuries. He therefore encourages educators to develop a daily practice of checking in with their mind, body, and heart, and then engaging in a variety of activities that promote mindfulness and self-care.

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