The ongoing pandemic has forced schools and districts to change the way they operate. Depending on local guidelines, the new school year will look very different for many teachers and students. Some schools are reopening with precautions in place, others are sticking to virtual learning, and some are mixing in-person and virtual strategies. Whatever a school or district decides to do, there is a need for strong communication to do it successfully—and mass notification systems play an important role.

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Administrators need to be able to share new guidelines and expectations with students, staff and parents so everyone can work together to create a positive learning environment that mitigates the spread of the virus. With so many people to share information with and guidelines and recommendations changing on an almost daily basis, schools need tools that help manage communications to keep everyone informed.

That’s why many schools are benefiting from mass notification systems that can deliver critical messages to their communities with the push of a button. Mass notification systems help schools overcome the two biggest challenges when it comes to delivering messages: speed and reach, with speed being how fast an administrator can send out a message, and reach being how likely it is for everyone to receive that message.

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Paul Shain is President and CEO of Singlewire Software.

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