When it comes to teaching, 2010 Teacher Of The Year Sarah Brown Wessling knows a thing or two–or 10. Wessling is sharing some of that knowledge to help parents navigate remote and at-home learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As we head back-to-school this fall, parents are wondering how they can best support their children. While remote at-home learning has been challenging for many parents, students, and teachers, there are quite a few tools and resources available to help make this adjustment easier to navigate,” Wessling says.

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If parents view themselves as partners with teachers, students are better positioned for success, she says. Technology plays a big role, and parents should become familiar with the devices and systems their children will use during at-home learning. Often, teachers will use video to help deliver content or to help stay connected with students. This also lets students learn at their own pace by letting them rewatch content if they don’t fully understand something–or take a break from the screen to read or get outside. Wessling says she is a big fan of Prezi video and how she uses it to create engaging content for learners.

“Most importantly, parents should remember that they don’t have to be the expert, but they can be learners right alongside their children,” Wessling says.

1. Kids generally work in 30 minute increments – tops. Younger children shift activities every 15-20 minutes, and often quicker. Writing a morning list of the day’s activities can really empower kids to roll right into the next thing, which gives the parent-teacher space to do their other jobs.

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