New language learning systems target K-12 schools

Audio books can enhance foreign language learning.
Education technology can enhance foreign language instruction.

Recorded Books, a publisher of K-12 curriculum and independent producer of audio books, has teamed up with Transparent Language, a provider of language-learning software, to introduce three foreign language-learning systems for K-12 schools: Transparent Language Premium Edition, Byki Online for Education, and KidSpeak.

Each system uses multimedia technology to help students rapidly acquire language skills and enhance foreign language instruction in K-12 classrooms.

“In today’s interconnected world, the need for students to develop foreign language skills has never been greater,” said Scott Williams, CEO of Recorded Books. “Learning a foreign language promotes the value of humankind and develops vital skills necessary for interacting in our global community. Transparent Language’s digital language-learning systems are highly effective in preparing students for success in their education and beyond.”

Transparent Language Premium Edition offers instruction in 16 different languages. Students can explore languages at their own pace or with the entire class. They can build listening and speaking skills with the help of comprehensive lessons, authentic videos, and dozens of activities—including conversational practice.

Byki Online for Education offers practice and feedback for more than 70 different languages, including seven different languages for ESL students. Byki helps build students’ vocabulary with its interactive, rapid flash-card interface—a proven, time-tested learning process, its maker says. It offers students a multimedia-rich learning experience, complete with pronunciation feedback and engaging activities, while also giving educators the ability to manage and track student progress easily, as well as customize lessons to their curriculum. Byki Online supports multiple students, classrooms, and even entire school districts.

Transparent Language KidSpeak is geared toward younger students, ages three and up. KidSpeak combines fun animations with interactive games, puzzles, and songs to make second languages simple, its maker says, and it offers more than 700 words and expressions per language. KidSpeak comes in 11 different languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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