Experts give advice on mobile learning

Mobile learning success comes from school board support and sound policies, experts say.

At this year’s Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) conference in New Orleans, not only did most attendees carry their iPads and smart phones from meeting to meeting; the annual conference also featured its main discussions around the topic of mobile learning.

Supporting national research that predicted mobile learning will become prevalent in one year or less, CoSN launched an initiative to help school leaders understand how to lead mobile learning programs successfully in their districts. The organization also hosted notable school district, state, and national leaders, as well as private-sector experts, to discuss strategies for mobile learning implementation.

eSchool News, with the help of JDL Horizons’ EduVision, was on the scene to interview these leaders about their thoughts on mobile technology in education:

Karen Cator, director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education, has devoted her career to creating the best possible learning environments for this generation of students. Cator discusses the crisis in the American educational system and how mobile devices can support every student’s 21st-century learning.

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Lucy Gray, director of the Project for Mobile Learning, explains how she views technology and new media as essentials in facilitating educational and societal change.

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William Rankin, director of Innovative Education at Abilene Christian University, has been active in exploring the ways that converged mobile technology—and especially Apple’s iPhone—can transform teaching and learning in the 21st-century classroom. Rankin also summarizes his keynote speech, which delved into how culture has adapted to new learning technologies throughout the ages.

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