Six ed-tech resources for ELL/ESL instruction

“Non-native English students have difficulty understanding their teacher even under ideal classroom listening conditions. Background noise and sitting far from the teacher—unavoidable conditions in many classrooms—make it even harder. In fact, the speech perception accuracy and listening effort of children who are not native English speakers is similar to children who have 25 to 40 dB hearing losses.

“ELL students in FrontRow classrooms are understanding up to 60 percent better than children in the non-amplified classrooms. According to Carl Crandell and other researchers at the University of Florida, ‘amplification significantly improved the perceptual abilities of ESL children.’ By ensuring that the teacher’s voice is clarified and evenly distributed around the classroom, FrontRow sound systems can be tremendously helpful to English language learners—who have particularly strong speech perception difficulties when seated in the middle or rear of the classroom. See the study.” —Stephanie Seufert for FrontRow

[Editor’s note: Many other companies offer classroom amplification systems as well, including (but not limited to) Audio Enhancement, Califone, Crestron, Extron Electronics, Lightspeed Technologies, Promethean, and SMART Technologies.]

“Animation and technology are universal languages—that’s why they’re the perfect tools for teaching English to non-native speakers. BrainPOP ESL is an award-winning online English language teaching tool. It is a comprehensive, web-based program that combines animated movies, interactive features, and computer skills as it guides students through English language development. Through lively, engaging content, it is designed to teach English to beginning language learners and advance to a sophisticated level of knowledge and competency in both language and academic content.

“By lowering the affective filter, social and academic learning can be reinforced. As a result, students learn English in a fun, non-threatening platform, and practice computer skills at the same time. BrainPOP ESL was developed by experienced language educators and is designed to address the needs of students with diverse learning styles, and at various levels. Check it out:” —Beverly Fine for BrainPOP ESL

Meris Stansbury

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