A device in every hand during COVID-19

Learn how one district handles the chaos of pandemic asset management

For Sandra Paul, Director of of Information Technology at the Township of Union Public Schools in Northern New Jersey, the goal is simple—every one of the 7,200 kids in her district must have a device this fall.

How to accomplish this? Not so simple.

In this conversation with eSchool News, Sandra details her asset management tactics for whatever scenario her district winds up with—in person, hybrid, or remote.

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eSN: So what’s your current situation as of this moment?

SP: For right now we have a one-to-one strategy using Chromebooks for every student from grade six to 12. Before the pandemic situation, only our senior students were able to take home their devices. When the shutdown came, we let kids from grades nine to 12 take home their Chromebooks but the middle school devices were still in carts and we had to figure out a way to get them out of there. We invited parents to come in and they were able to pick up a device if they wanted to. For the elementary levels, we didn’t have a one-to-one situation so whatever was available is what we distributed.

Kevin Hogan

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