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Contemporary pedagogies and edtech to close literacy gaps, accelerate learning, and build your students’ 21st-century skills

Today’s educators need resources in their toolbox to close literacy gaps, accelerate learning, and prepare students for success beyond the classroom. In this resource center, find evidence-based, research-validated literacy strategies and the latest educational technology to accelerate your students’ reading proficiency and build 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and more.

Make an Investment in Literacy That’ll Last for Years to Come

With the right literacy solutions, instruction can happen anywhere, and educators can accelerate student learning. But which programs are the right programs? Read Lexia’s education insight to know which features to prioritize.

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Solving the Literacy Challenges in Schools with Audio Technology

In one of the most demanding school environments in memory, educators need resources in their toolbox to ensure students are reading at proficient levels. Audio Technology provides the key to helping solve the literacy challenges in schools today.

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Start Struggling K–5 Students on the Journey to Reading Success

Unpack everything you need for literacy to take off at your school or district with this K–5 Reading Intervention Toolkit. You’ll have the resources necessary to launch reading intervention and watch your students turn struggle into success.

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Implement the Science of Reading with Ease

Empower educators in your district to take an evidence-based approach to put students on the path to proficiency. Get time-saving, actionable strategies to immediately implement the science of reading and level up literacy instruction. Download the free whitepaper!

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Fall Readiness Guide: Set staff & students up for success on day one

This year, educators may need to stretch beyond their roles to effectively accelerate learning. Access this free guide to discover proven strategies and approaches for how all stakeholders can work together to help students succeed from day one.

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Five Keys to Success with Virtual Education

Find out how Southern University Laboratory Virtual School provides a highly personalized online learning experience by following these 5 keys to success with virtual learning.

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