Unleash the potential of STEM education with our comprehensive resources. Discover how traditional ‘reward’ assessments may limit student growth, and explore the benefits of conversation-based grading. Our resources offer insights to realign assessment strategies, cultivate a growth mindset, enhance student engagement, and foster key 21st-century skills. Empower students to take an active role in their learning, fuel their passion for STEM, and spark creativity in your classroom today

STEM Success Strategies

Assessment in K-12 Education

This white paper aims to provide educators with valuable insights into the role of assessment in student motivation, learning, and growth.

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Re-Imagining Success

When teachers use a mix of assessment methods, they can get a well-rounded picture of how well their students are grasping the material. This feedback is like a road-map, helping them plan future lessons and give extra help where it’s most needed.

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Video Series: STEM Assessment

Make It Student Centered

Jason Mckenna discusses how engaging students through assessments can lead to better retention of information

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Create a Common Language

Jason Mckenna discusses how creating objectives with your students makes them more approachable.

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Ask Students to Document Their Process

Jason Mckenna discusses the importance of students documenting their learning to increase their understanding of the process

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INNOVATIONS in K-12 Education


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