According to NAEP data, reading scores for students in more than half of U.S. are lower than they’ve been in a decade. As schools look to course correct, they might first want to start with access. How many students have books in school and at home? How many students have books in the formats most accessible for them, whether it’s print, an ebook or an audiobook?

That’s why 61,000 schools worldwide are using the Sora reading app to build a custom collection of ebooks and audiobooks, choosing from our industry-best catalog of ebooks, audiobooks, comics and magazines. Because giving students the ability to read — no matter where they are — is just the first step to lifelong literacy success.

Strategies for Literacy Success

6 things you’re missing without a digital reading strategy

Research shows the correlation between more exposure to books and higher academic achievement. Download our infographic to discover how a digital reading strategy can bridge gaps and prevent your students from falling behind the curve.

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Get guidance for using digital tools

Are you looking for ways to incorporate digital books into your school, but you’re not sure where to begin? Join Rae Ciciora (Boulder Valley School District, CO) and Angela Arnold (OverDrive Education) for insights into where K-12 educators just like you seek guidance for digital books. Plus, learn tips for incorporating them into the classroom and find out how to avoid common pitfalls.

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Digital books helped this school district reimagine required reading. Here’s how.

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “class set”? Probably not a phone, or a Chromebook. But in districts like Franklin County Schools (NC), digital has revolutionized how essential texts are delivered to students, creating more diverse classrooms that meet the needs of more readers.

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Decoding: Why audiobooks are awesome for students

There are lots of reasons why students enjoy audiobooks. They’re portable and make it easy to read on-the-go. Plus, there’s an increasing body of research that backs their value to reading and learning.

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eSchool News Literacy Insights

How digital books connect vulnerable students with reading

Digital books connect all students with reading opportunities–but vulnerable populations, in particular, see huge benefits

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8 predictions about literacy learning in 2023

Trends in literacy education for the coming year will revolve around wider adoption of the science of reading and greater use of individual assessment

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Modern students need modern librarians

What it’s like being a librarian in 2022, and how librarians provide students with access to resources they need to succeed

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6 ways to help reluctant readers become booklovers

A teacher-librarian shares her proven strategies to engage and captivate reluctant readers

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