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Integrated labels, integrated cards patch applicator & cutter

All Tamarack, Hunkler & Dimuken patch applicator models are designed to meet commercial demands for integral labels, reinforced self sealing cards and window style stickers within the form itself, for today’s market of continuous forms or laser sheets.
These applicators apply a patch of label backing paper (which has a film of double sided adhesive) to the back of the form which then can be die or kiss cut, to create integrated peel out labels.
A patch of clear self adhesive laminate can also be applied to the front of the document to produce an integral peel off reinforced card. This can be used to produce membership cards or loyalty cards and other similar products.
A patch applicator is a knife cylinder which cuts a specific patch of backing paper against a vacuum cylinder, then transfers the cut patch into the paper register. It is used in the production of labels or laminate film for cards. Whilst applied to the form, the patch is fed into the applicator which completes the job by kiss cutting the peel off section.
This type of production allows a form, with its integrated peel out section, to be printed in a single pass. This eliminates some of the time, as well as the cost, required to produce labels and integrated cards separately and then having to affix them to the carrier form. This is an ideal solution for security data, for example. Both the form and peel out product cannot become mixed up in production, and it is quick to set up and operate with negligible wastage. This process is ideal for short, medium and long run jobs.

Typical Specification patch applicator
• Built in delivery table
• Film is cut by rotary cutting cylinder fitted with a replaceable cutting knife
• Laminated film length adjusted by size gears
• Changeable cassettes for different lengths
• Torque limiter system
• Powder brake system to control feed tension

Typical Specification Patch cutter
• Can be connected to a patch applicator to run in tandem with each other
• Web feed sensor auto start in tandem with other finishing machines
• Flexible anvil cutter dies
• Accurate control of cutting depth by either a magnetic or hardened steel rotary cutting cylinder.
Jason Boniface

A leading UK supplier of stock integrated labels, bespoke integrated labels or printed integrated labels, recycled integrated labels and integrated cards.For further information, please visit

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