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eBOARDsolutions introduces FREE Cost Savings Calculator to track potential Meetings and Policies Efficiencies

On behalf of Laura Reilly:

Contact: Laura D. Reilly, APR
Director of Communications, eBOARDsolutions
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eBOARDsolutions introduces FREE Cost Savings Calculator to track potential Meetings and Policies Efficiencies
Free online tool allows districts to compare traditional methods of developing and managing meeting agendas and policies to online methods.

August 3rd, 2009 Atlanta- eBOARDsolutions, developer of eBOARD, announces a free online tool that allows districts to compare the costs associated with manually-produced materials such as Policy Manuals and Board, School Council and Staff Meeting Agendas to a web-based system such as eBOARD.

Many districts across the country are still producing meeting agendas and policies via traditional paper-based methods or simply publishing downloadable pdf files.  Districts who are considering investing in web-based systems for managing meetings and policies can simply input variables such as printing costs and labor costs into the Cost Savings Calculator and can then easily analyze the financial savings and other advantages of managing these administrative functions via a web-based system. Once the information is entered, the tool will automate the calculations and users can print a pdf report of the results to share locally.

Mark Willis, COO of eBOARDsolutions, states: “Today’s economy and the subsequent budget shortfalls are key topics among school administrators and board members.  With declining funds, districts must identify cheaper and more efficient ways to do business.  Our new Cost Savings Calculator will give districts a concrete analysis of the potential cost savings that can be realized by leveraging low-cost technology tools like eBOARD.”

For those who are already subscribers to eBOARD, they can access and save the results from within their own eBOARD site by going to the support options link and clicking on the Cost Savings Calculator Tool.

The Cost Savings Calculator is also available for non-subscribers at

(Go directly to this online press release and link here:

About eBOARD:

eBOARD helps organizations by:

  • Providing a single source for access to pertinent data for effective decision-making
  • Stakeholders can easily find information through advanced search capabilities
  • Saving time and money by streamlining workflow and eliminating paper dependency
  • Enhancing communications with all stakeholders

eBOARD Modules now include:

  • Strategic Plan – Monitor, track, manage and report on the organization’s strategic plan to all stakeholders
  • Meetings – Streamline agenda preparation and enhance the effectiveness of all meetings (not just board meetings)
  • Policy – Publish policies, regulations and exhibits for easy access by all stakeholders
  • Communications – Improve communications with all stakeholders
  • Documents – Build an online library for easy access to important documents

About eBOARDsolutions:
eBOARDsolutions (EBS) is backed with more than 55 years of experience in board governance and association management. EBS was created as a subsidiary of the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) when demand for its governance and membership management products began to expand into other markets and states. Initially developed by and for the GSBA, the products are now being used by over 200 local boards of education, state boards of education, state agencies and other associations.

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