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August 7, 2009. prepares for a massive 2009-10 back-to-school rush. was one of the fastest growing K12 educational websites in 2008-09, due to teachers’ word of mouth. From a standing start to over two million visits/month (quantcast public stats). For 2009-10, the feverish growth rate should continue with the addition of five thousand more words, the ability to handle contractions, all the tenses of verbs, the state capitals, and the possessive forms of nouns. 

SpellingCity Description: provides practice for spelling tests. The words are spoken to the student in a pleasant human voice. The student tries to spell them correctly. The student can get to read them as sentence. SpellingCity corrects any spelling errors and then offers to re-test the student on either the whole list or just the words that were misspelled. A certificate or report with the results can be printed. has a vocabulary list which has grown to over 42,000 words. allows parents and teachers to save their lists. They can print games and handwriting practice worksheets. Teachers particularly like the printable handwriting worksheets and the online alphabetizing game. is packed with educationally useful features and games. They include:


          Instructional Online Videos — Helps time-pressed teachers get a quick overview.

          School and Teacher Homepages — SpellingCity has created a home page for US & Canadian school. When a teacher registers, a teacher homepage is created.   

          Ten Spelling and Vocabulary Games — Missing Letters, Letter UnScramble, HangMouse,WhichWord, MatchIt,  Audio Match, Alphabetize,  and WordSearch.

          Handwriting Practice and Fluency — Printable-Worksheets.’s Design Goals was designed after asking three groups what they wanted in a spelling website.


If you ask students, they clamor for fun word games and a site that’s "not b-o-r-i-n-g."


If you ask teachers, they want it to use human voices, to include all the tenses and forms of words (e.g. run, running, ran; mouse, mice; house, houses), to provide learning-focused activities, and to be very easy to use. Teachers also insist that the website fit into their teaching methods.  


If you ask parents, they mention these same points plus they insist on a low price. provides a way for students to practice their spelling. To do that, they need someone to read the words to them — solves that problem.


In exploring, please note that the site is free to use and designed for use without training or instruction.  There is email support and a forum for discussion. Monthly newsletters provide tips on new ways of using


For more information, please visit:


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