A gift they’ll love or hate

Who would have thought that a high vitamin protein spread,which is effectively a by-product of beer brewing, could stir up such contention in the kitchen? Indeed, since 1902 when it first went into production, the distinctive taste of Marmite has been provoking the question ‘love it or hate it’ ever since?

Those who respond ‘my mate marmite’will no doubt find themselves attracted to jars of famously branded sticky, distinctive, healthy brown goo and love finding yummy food to combine with it; whilst others who scrunch their noses up and run a mile from sandwiches made with the stuff are pretty self explanatory in their answer.

Well for all those who ‘love it’or hate it’,GettingPersonal have just added a fantastic Marmite branded product to our unusual gifts range, that is sure to appeal to both sides of the fence.

The Marmite Money jar makes a fantastic gift on a birthday,Christmas or any other occasion for that matter and is a great way to help save your money.

The fantastic thing about having a Marmite Money Jar is the fact that only a proportion of the people who stumble across its whereabouts are ever likely to come near. Indeed, the more of your friends who can’t stand the spread, the safer your stash of cash is likely to be especially since our Marmite Money Jar is an oversized replica of the famous sandwich spread and likely the stuff of their mar-mighty nightmares!

Our magnificent Marmite Money Jar measures approximately 17.5cm x 16cm x 10cm and is available from GettingPersonal.co.uk for only 14.95. This and many other fun and unusual gifts can be delivered free-of-charge when 30 or more is spent in one transaction. Items are usually dispatched within 24 hours.

Go on; why not treat them to something they’ll love…or hate

Looking for a unique present? Take a look at our unusual presents…To explore our range of  unusual gifts  further, please visit our website at http://www.gettingpersonal.co.uk.


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