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Bloxx Speeding up Web Filtering at Schoharie Schools

Bloxx Inc., the Web content filtering specialist, today announced that Schoharie Schools is using Tru-View Technology to track and filter Internet access for its 800 users. Over the first few months of use, the Schoharie Schools are already seeing increased user productivity and safety particularly because of Tru-View Technology’s ability to stop and block anonymous proxies in real-time.

One of the challenges for Schoharie Schools was the inability of its previous Web filtering solution from SonicWall in handling traffic volumes and dynamically blocking access to anonymous proxy servers. Anonymous proxies are sites that allow users to logon and surf the entire internet anonymously. They have an extremely high creation rate and are used as a means to bypass Web filters.
After evaluating a number of solutions, Schoharie Schools chose Bloxx’s Web content filtering appliance which conducts real-time classification of Web pages even if the Web page has never been accessed before.
“We are now confident that the students are surfing the Internet safely” said David Holmes, Network & Systems Technician at Schoharie Schools. “Bloxx Web filter’s power at blocking anonymous proxies is unrivalled. In one year’s use I have only had one instance of users’ accessing a proxy site that the Bloxx appliance missed and that was quickly rectified by their outstanding support department. With our previous solution the students could find new proxy servers faster than I could block them.”
“Not only has it increased student safety, it’s saving me so much time as I’ve only had to report one misclassified Website this year to Bloxx compared to 10 a week with the previous solution,” David enthused.
David added, “I can easily define different groups with different access restrictions with Bloxx, which has been hugely beneficial and a time saver for us. Being able to do this has greatly reduced the tight rope we had to walk in the past between blocking content that might not have been appropriate for students but should have been allowed for the teachers.”
“I find the extra features that come as standard with the Bloxx appliance to be extremely beneficial. An extra layer of protection is provided through its anti-virus and anti-phishing control. With Bloxx I now spend much less time managing content filtering,” concluded David.
About Bloxx Tru-View Technology
Bloxx Tru-View Technology uses internationally patent pending technology to analyse and categorise Web pages quicker and more accurately than other Web filters which use manual URL classification and keyword scoring alone.
Using advanced intelligent identification and analysis techniques, Tru-View Technology provides instant classification of Web content as soon as it is accessed, even if the content has not been seen by anyone before.
Bloxx Tru-View Technology helps organisations proactively manage users’ access to Web content which might lower productivity, expose the organisation to risk and liability or pose a network security threat.
An estimated 1.5 million + users already benefit from enhanced security and performance with low administration and no cost per user charges. Additional protection is provided via anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing functionality.

About Bloxx
Headquartered in the UK with sales offices in Holland, the USA and Australia, Bloxx offers appliance-based Web filtering for medium and large organisations in both the business and public sectors. Bloxx has achieved unrivalled sales growth year-on-year to become the preeminent Web-filtering solution provider. Leading UK investment groups such as Archangel Investments Ltd and Braveheart Investment Group Plc have invested in Bloxx.

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