New Child-Friendly Mic from FrontRow Helps Build Student Engagement and Confidence


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New child-friendly mic from FrontRow™
helps build student engagement and confidence
21st century “talking-stick” encourages turn-taking and transforms the classroom into an interactive environment
 PETALUMA, Calif. – September 1, 2009 – Classroom sound system maker, FrontRow™, has released a new pass-around microphone that’s designed to be easier for young students to use. With special attention to fitting childrens’ small hands, this unique tool provides an increased level of comfort for all students in K-12 classrooms, while providing excellent sound quality.
“This mic is designed to really encourage student participation in an affordable way,” says John Merline, Marketing Director, FrontRow. “We are excited to share this new 21st century ‘talking-stick’ with schools across North America, as it instills values of turn-taking and encourages respectful behavior during class.  Our engineering team is always thinking of ways to enhance the overall interactivity of the classroom environment, and this product is perfect for doing so.”
Teachers also cite improved presentation skills and comprehension as reasons for using student microphones in greater numbers.  The student pass-around mic not only ensures that students’ answers can be heard by the whole class, but has secondary advantages as well. “Shy students who dread reading aloud almost always bloom when given a mic,” says Merline. “It empowers these young learners to speak up, be heard, and most importantly, feel confident while speaking in public.”
FrontRow’s California engineering team conceived the new microphone as an improvement on the well-accepted concept of amplifying student voices: it’s small enough to fit children’s hands, simple to use, and lightweight enough to rest around the neck for hands-free use. 
The new student mic is compatible with FrontRow infrared sound systems, including VocaLight™, FrontRow Pro™, and the latest FrontRow Pro Digital™.
FrontRow is planning events across North America, following the release of this product, to show the exciting uses of this microphone, including an opportunity for teachers to win this 21st century “talking-stick” for their classroom.
About FrontRow
FrontRow is a division of Phonic Ear — whose wireless technology has helped build more engaging learning environments since the mid-1960s. The FrontRow division has focused on using classroom amplification (soundfield) technology to improve students’ listening success — resulting in better behavior, comprehension, test scores, and teacher vocal health.
FrontRow is part of the William Demant Group, founded in 1904 as a hearing aid company. Listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (CSE3247), William Demant comprises a group of international companies that develop, manufacture, and sell innovative and highly advanced technological solutions in the hearing healthcare and educational field. Through 45 Group companies located in over 20 countries, consolidated group sales exceed US$1 billion.
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