CurrentWare Webinar to Address Temptations of the Web in the Workplace and Academic Sector


CurrentWare Webinar to Address Temptations of the Web in the Workplace and Academic Sector
New Division of Codework to Present Case Studies for Successful ‘Taming Temptations’ of the Web via Internet Filtering, Internet Monitoring and Portable Storage Security
Niagara Falls, NY; Toronto, Canada; Manchester, UK; and Perth, Australia — Oct. 6, 2009 – Having been launched by Codework three months ago, CurrentWare is now offering a free webinar on October 15 which profiles customers in the corporate, education, healthcare and government sectors who benefit from CurrentWare products BrowseControl, BrowseReporter and AccessPatrol.
A New York Times reviewer once wrote that Depeche Mode, a techno-band conceived in the 1980s, “finds fear in every desire and temptation in every fear.” As we approach the year 2010, clear corporate policies and complementing technologies are taking guilt out of the situation and avoiding awkward confrontations between HR and employees, by preventing employees from accessing websites that are considered distracting or inappropriate. CurrentWare, playing off lyrics from a Depeche Mode song, will lead an “I Give In to Sin (No More)” webinar for network administrators, IT managers, industry analysts and media who register before October 14 at Upon registering, those who can identify the name of the Depeche Mode song that contains the lyrics “I give in to sin” will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win tickets to a Depeche Mode “Tour of the Universe” concert. Winners of the raffle will be announced ‘live’ at the webinar on October 15.
The webinar will feature a presentation on how corporations, educational, healthcare and government institutions are employing technology to neutralize employee temptations to abuse internet applications, as well as reduce the opportunity for them to practice unsafe mobile computing through the use of USBs, iPods, MP3s, Bluetooth, or WiFi. John Smith, a network administrator for the Anchorage School District, (which boasts a student population of around 50,000) implemented BrowseControl and BrowseReporter a few years ago and has found the tools to be “invaluable in an academic environment where internet abuse is rife.”
Says Jay Lakhani, CEO of CurrentWare: “Our webinar is a great way for CurrentWare to educate network administrators and IT managers about how they can simply and cost-effectively take temptation out of the equation in employee Internet and mobile computing activities using Internet and Endpoint Security tools.”
The three CurrentWare tools that will be highlighted in the “I Give In to Sin (No More)” webinar include:
BrowseControl – Internet restriction tool
BrowseReporter – Internet monitoring tool
AccessPatrol – Endpoint Storage Security tool

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