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Portable Sound Systems Meet Public Address Requirements

Torrance, CA. – Budget conscious schools, churches, community centers and many other organizations often require sound systems for ceremonies, training, audio-visual presentations and instructions.  There are many campus venues that are used for presentations to groups of people, and a sound system is needed for each location.


A sports field, auditorium, cafeteria, amphitheater or a classroom all have increasing demands for sound equipment.  Installed speaker systems for each location maybe cost prohibitive, but one or two shared portable systems could provide a sound solution at an affordable price.


Summer Vyne with CCS Presentation Systems, a leading provider of audio visual equipment in Scottsdale, Arizona says, “I recommend portable sound systems for outdoor functions for schools who can only afford one sound system – one that is able to provide coverage in the media center, lunchroom or on the football field.  Many elementary schools go that route.”


“Sound systems are also a vital necessity in the class room.  A great deal of curriculum content is delivered via the internet and publishers of CD’s rather than books.  Sound is usually a component of the lesson plan.”


There are two options for class room instructional amplification – installed in ceiling speaker system or a portable sound system.  The mobile media cart with a projector, DVD player, laptop and AN-130 speaker from Anchor Audio is an economic option.  Instructors can share the media cart to further reduce school expenses.


Anchor Audio, based in Torrance, California, is a manufacturer of a broad line of easy-to-use, high quality, durable portable sound systems.  The company has been specializing in battery powered portable audio products for over 30 years and has developed a range of sound systems to meet virtually every need from small room requirements to larger systems for voice and music amplification in large indoor or outdoor venues.


“Anchor Audio has a selection of portable sound system packages for different requirements,” says Dave Johnson, Account Executive with Troxell Communications, a leading national audio/visual company and provider of public address and sound equipment.  “Anchor is awesome.  They can provide a small speaker system for a walking tour group or a large speaker system with a wireless microphone for an outdoor pep rally or an indoor theater.  The battery powered sound systems last for hours of continuous use.  You can rely on Anchor.”


The prohibitive cost of a permanent system comes from the cost of separate components that must be purchased and the skilled labor to install.  Portable systems are all inclusive of speaker, MP3 player, and wireless microphone.


“Anchor packages the portable sound systems for easy customer understanding.  They can select the system which is best for them,” adds Johnson.  “The packages also allow for expansion of an additional speaker for larger crowd applications.”


Portable sound systems cost less than permanent systems.  Another factor to consider is the economic advantage in ease of use.  CCS Presentation Systems’ Ms. Vyne says, “Installed systems are more complex to operate and require professional instructors.  Portable sound systems are self explanatory and have less buttons and knobs to intimidate the user.”


Troxell Communications’ Johnson agrees.  He says, “Portable sound systems are much more functional and easy to use.  Anyone can just turn it on get it rocking.”


Portable sound systems provide economical, flexible and reliable sound amplification.  With multiple sound system options to fit the requirements of many site locations, one speaker package can travel across campus for just about any size presentation.


For more information about audio systems try Google search for portable sound system or go directly to


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