One Networked Solution For Classroom and School-Wide Audio

CalypsosystemslogoImagine the dramatic financial and operational savings you could realize by combining two school audio systems on a single-platform. Like most K-12 schools, yours likely has separate systems for classroom audio and school-wide communications including bells, pages, intercoms and emergency alerts.  The result?

  • Inflexible school-wide audio cabling
  • Increased installation and maintenance costs
  • Device duplication
  • Potential for audio conflict

Introducing Calypso’s Conductor – Integrated School Communications System – a single-platform, school-wide communications solution that delivers financial and operational efficiencies by leveraging existing school-wide networks and investments in classroom AV.  Conductor accommodates all classroom audio sources – PC, DVD, iPOD and more – while using streaming audio to serve school-wide audio communications requirements.

Delivering savings of up to 20% over traditional school PA systems, Conductor combines an easy-to-use Windows interface, an enterprise-class audio and device management server, and robust streaming audio hardware to deliver audio where and when it’s needed.  Conductor is a secure and reliable school-wide communications platform that integrates all audio – scheduled, on-demand, live or recorded – while providing complete flexibility to meet changing needs.

Visit for more information on Conductor-Integrated School Communications.

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