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The ten most popular eSN stories of the year

Here are the most popular eSchool News stories of 2011.

Recently, we published our editors’ picks for the 10 most significant ed-tech stories of 2011. Now, see what our readers think.

These 10 stories were the most popular among our readers in 2011, as judged by the number of page views they received at If you missed any of them before, don’t worry: You can go back and read them now, simply by clicking on each headline.

Ten great sites with free teacher resources

With cuts to school budgets, teachers are often left searching for ways to innovate without breaking the bank. There are numerous sites that can help, but we’ve picked 10 that our among our favorites…

10 of the best apps for education

As iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches become more integrated in classrooms, educators and students are looking for new ways to apply them to the learning process. In this special feature, we’ve assembled a list of education “apps” for Apple devices that we think are noteworthy…

Ten skills every student should learn

Ed-tech stakeholders for years have been touting the need for students to learn so-called “21st century skills” such as problem solving, critical thinking, and media literacy to prepare for the new global, digital economy, while others are calling for students to have strong math and science skills. All of these skills are important—but what do educators and other school stakeholders think are the most important skills for students to learn?

Five characteristics of an effective 21st-century educator

We recently asked readers: “What are the qualities of an effective 21st-century educator?” Here are our readers’ top responses…

Ten common myths about teaching

It seems everyone has an opinion about teachers and their profession these days—and most of them aren’t teachers…

‘Bring your own device’ catching on in schools

Many children and teens now own their own mobile devices, and school leaders are using that to their advantage by incorporating devices that students already own into classroom lessons and projects…

How to use YouTube at school—safely

As most teachers know, there’s a lot of great educational content on YouTube—and there’s a lot of inappropriate material, too. That’s why many schools block access to YouTube on their networks, which can be frustrating for teachers who want to use YouTube at school. Now, a new service from internet security company M86 Security aims to solve this problem…

Five things students say they want from education

With so many education stakeholders debating the needs of today’s schools, student voices aren’t always heard when it comes to what they want from their education…

Math research reveals early-learning needs

Numbers, counting, and low-level arithmetic are three basic competencies that are vital to later success in math, and students should have these key math skills in first grade in order to be successful in math in fifth grade, according to a long-term study released by psychologists at the University of Missouri…

Ten ideas for interactive teaching

Interactive teaching methods are an effective way to connect with a generation of students used to consistent stimulation—and education professor Kevin Yee has some advice for how teachers can make their lessons more interactive…

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