Private schools are getting into the lucrative data mining business

The challenges facing the well-to-do New York City parent never end! If it’s not combating the trials of having a child born in the summer, it’s dealing with the insane costs of the private schools you are lucky enough to be selected to send your child to, the Atlantic Wire reports. And after that, it’s confronting the reality of those private schools mining your personal data for more money. It turns out, private schools are not immune to the charms of the internet, and are following in the footsteps of many an online marketer, “mining online data for details about parents’ homes, luxury cars, private planes, stock holdings and donations to other charities,” writes Jenny Anderson. “So-called development offices, once the domain of part-time administrators and school volunteers, have been elevated along with the titles of those running them, who are now known as chief advancement officers, directors of philanthropy and heads of strategic initiatives. Heads of school report spending much of their time in search of money, according to surveys.” The richest are courted the most intensely, not only because they have the most money (and tend to donate more), but because there is more available intel about them, “like the foundation boards they sit on and their political donations and property reports.”

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