TED Education wants your help bringing cool science to the classroom

At TED Education, we’re obsessed with learning, Scientific American reports. Whether it’s about the history of the cell theory, or how to write a slam poem. And since I happen to be obsessed with science, I have a particularly fond place in my heart for our science lessons. Which brings me to you, Scientific American reader, because I know you’re probably obsessed, or at least a little curious, about science too. TED-Ed needs your help. What are you curious about? What do you want to learn about? What do you want to teach the world? We’re looking for your lesson ideas, science or otherwise, to create a whole new set of TED-Ed lessons. But first, let’s back up. What is TED-Ed? We’re an initiative of TED Conferences, known for TED Talks. Our focus is on creating and sharing lessons to spread great ideas for all educators and learners–mainly high school and college students. So we team up with educators and animators to make short, beautiful and educational videos that anyone who’s curious about the world can enjoy…

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