Avoiding mistakes in digital device initiatives

Ed-tech leaders offer key advice to help schools avoid tech mistakes

deployment-mistakesThere is no question that technology, when used the right way, can be a valuable tool to enhance teaching and learning. But each year, many schools and districts make mistakes when they implement digital deployments–and these mistakes use valuable school dollars and can cause student learning to stagnate.

Three school administrators and technology leaders who have led successful ed-tech initiatives and deployments gathered during an Alliance for Excellent Education and Project 24 webinar to review key factors to avoiding mistakes and ensuring a digital initiative’s success.

Patrick Larkin, the assistant superintendent for learning in Burlington Public Schools (Mass.), Lenny Schad, chief information technology officer for the Houston Independent School District, and Scott Smith, chief technology officer in the Mooresville Graded School District, offered advice to help other ed-tech leaders avoid mistakes and ensure the success of their digital initiatives.…Read More