Why we need to change the teacher vs. tech narrative

A recent chart from Bloomberg on the future of artificial intelligence and employment lends evidence to a point I have been making for years: teachers will not be replaced by machines.

The chart compares a wide array of professions based on required education levels, average annual wages, and likelihood of automation. Sure enough, elementary and secondary teachers are among the most educated yet least paid professionals; and their likelihood of automation: practically zero.

Yet the debate about machines replacing teachers rages on. Recent opinion pieces claim that teacher obsolescence is inevitable and something we should embrace. Fortunately, a recent article in the Economist gets the narrative right, pointing out that “the potential for edtech will be realized only if teachers embrace it.”…Read More

Obama meets ATT, Time Warner Cable CEOs on education

President Barack Obama held a roundtable discussion with business leaders including Time Warner Cable Inc. Chief Executive Officer Glenn Britt, AT&T Inc. CEO Randall Stephenson, and AOL Inc. co-founder Steve Case, to discuss how industry-led partnerships can help improve the U.S. education system, Bloomberg reports.

“Our children are the future,” said Alma Powell, who started the youth-advocacy group America’s Promise Alliance with her husband, former Secretary of State Colin Powell. “If they are not prepared for the future, there is no future for this country,” she said…

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No education agenda left behind becomes Obama hurdle as congress deadlocks

When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, he pledged to “fix” the No Child Left Behind federal education law and to promote rigorous standards, merit pay and policies that made it easier to remove low-performing teachers, Bloomberg reports. As Obama–who sold himself as a politician who could forge bipartisan compromise–seeks re-election next year, Congressional gridlock has halted his plan to change No Child Left Behind. While more than 40 states have signed onto parts of the rest of his agenda, state budget cuts threaten to undermine districts’ efforts to carry it out…

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