6 Minecraft lesson ideas for your Common Core math class

From graphing paper to algebra puzzles, one teacher shares tons of practical lesson ideas for turning math class into “Mathcraft”


Ed. note: For more Minecraft lesson ideas, see Jim Pike’s lesson plans on order of operations and area and perimeter, featuring explainer videos and more, on the website Educade.

Last year I taught third-grade math in a whole new way. Combining elements from the wildly popular sandbox game Minecraft, I had students thinking visually and creatively about mathematical models and theories that went way beyond a typical third-grade curriculum, transforming math class into what I like to call Mathcraft.…Read More

Arkansas district knows how to make students engaged and teachers tech-savvy

The biggest challenge has been finding the time to train teachers and reinforce what they have learned with reliable support.

Arkansas’ Osceola School District has students use Renaissance Learning’s NEO—a low-cost, battery-powered keyboard with word processing and quizzing capabilities—for their writing projects and Wii gaming systems for physical education. The district provides teachers with paid training for any technology that is implemented and follows up with training throughout the year. Thanks to the use of these and other resources, participation in phys-ed classes has increased—and students are more engaged in and connected to school activities.

For these reasons and more, we’ve chosen Osceola School District as our “eSchool of the Month” for September. Here, Instructional Technology Director Shantele Raper discusses the district’s ed-tech accomplishments and the keys to its success.

(Editor’s note: To nominate your school or district for our “eSchool of the Month” feature, and to read about past winners, go to http://www.eschoolnews.com/eschool-of-the-month.)…Read More