Tech-less teaching methods could alienate tech-savvy Gen Zs

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The rise in popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) and access to AI tools over the last year has reignited the debate over how technology is used in the classroom. So far, discussions have been dominated by UNESCO’s recent counsel calling on schools to ban mobile phones.

Although fewer than half of all pupils have access to a tablet or laptop, and only two in five have access to a desktop computer, it’s estimated 95 percent of teens have access to a smartphone.…Read More

8 innovative ideas for the tech-strapped teacher

Slow internet? No devices? Here’s how to make the most of limited classroom tech for next to nothing

tech-strapped-teacherSchool districts in the United States spend billions of dollars each year to purchase technology for the classroom, yet the lack of technology and internet access in the nation’s public schools continues to be an issue. Often, a teacher who is faced with little technology in the classroom will feel overwhelmed and will resort to more traditional teaching methods.

This article outlines strategies for teachers to increase the impact of the technology to which they are limited. I have purposely left coordinated and intentional BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs out of this list. Even with the best-planned BYOD program, there will be students who do not have devices to bring.

These are strategies I have used in my experience in education, which began in a room with one computer and no projector, as well as strategies I have helped teachers to implement in my role as a professional development consultant and instructional coach. It’s important for teachers to focus not on what isn’t in their classroom but rather how they can use what they have.…Read More