5 essential digital learning reads

Key points:

  • Digital learning is a key part of students’ school experiences
  • As technology evolves, so, too, do students’ learning opportunities
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Digital learning is a critical component of what happens in today’s classrooms. Edtech tools, connected learning experiences, and 21st-century skills all play a role in preparing students for the future.

But digital learning trends and technologies change so quickly that sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to focus or where to invest funding, time, and resources.…Read More

3 trends driving digital learning today

Learning is becoming more digital–there’s no doubt about it

digital-trendsAs technology connects more teachers and students with digital learning opportunities, education is changing for the better.

Students are using online digital resources to learn and support their classroom education, and teachers use online resources to help students build important research and evaluation skills.

Ninety-five percent of teachers said they believe online tools engage students, and 93 percent said online tools improve performance.…Read More