Another resource for creating educational ‘playlists’

With Activate Instruction, teachers can create playlists of free resources aligned with Common Core standards

educational-playlistsIn recent months, a host of new web-based platforms have emerged to help teachers create educational “playlists” of free online content for students, with the goal of personalizing instruction. Now, educators can add one more site to this list: Activate Instruction.

The idea behind the site is to “build an open system, similar to Wikipedia, to help put resources and curriculum in one place that any teacher can use,” said Lane Rankin,
CEO of Illuminate Education Inc. Illuminate created the website with funding from Girard Education Foundation and input from Summit Public Schools and the Alvo Institute.

Using Activate Instruction, teachers can browse, search, rate, add, share, and organize their favorite Common Core-aligned resources into playlists for students. Parents and students can follow sets of resources that teachers have prescribed, or search for the ones they like best. And school districts can foster the sharing of best practices, while also aligning their instruction with the Common Core standards, free of charge, the site’s creators say.…Read More