Empower students & staff with browser-based access to hosted Windows Apps and Desktops from any device, anywhere

Ericom200With Ericom AccessNow, quickly and easily turn any mobile device, tablet or PC – including a Chromebook – into an enhanced RDP Client, without installing Flash, Java or any other software on the client. That means zero client maintenance! Students or staff can run MS Office and other Windows, educational or school applications from anywhere, using any device with an HTML5 compatible browser.  Try a free online demo now.

How to Make BYOD Work for Your Schools

Drawing from many successful BYOD deployments at K-12 schools and interviews with leading technology consultants and school administrators, this white paper explores the lessons learned and key building blocks of a universal learning environment.

Answer the three quick questions to download the White Paper: ” BYOD and K-12: Building Blocks to Universal Learning Environments”

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