The Internet of Things smart school is coming

As the Internet of Things impacts education, IT leaders are envisioning uber-connected schools and campuses

Close to half (46 percent) of K-12 and higher-ed IT leaders in a recent survey said they believe an Internet of Things smart school — a school using Internet of Things devices to transform learning environments — will have a major impact in the next one to two years.

Nine percent of respondents said they have implemented parts of a smart school plan, 3 percent plan to implement the technology in the next 1-3 years, 23 percent are aware of it and beginning to investigate it, 36 percent are slightly aware of the topic, and the concept is entirely new to 29 percent.

The survey of more than 600 IT leaders, from Extreme Networks, notes that the scope of smart schools extends beyond traditional interactive classroom technologies and can include wearables, sensors located throughout classrooms, eBooks and tablets, collaborative classrooms, and smart lighting and HVAC.…Read More