Marketplace trend update: 4 ed-tech developments

Remaining a tech-savvy educator means keeping on top of the myriad changes and trends in education, how technology can support those trends, and how teaching and learning can best benefit from near-constant change.

Below, we’ve gathered some of the latest and most relevant marketplace news to keep you up-to-date on product developments, teaching and learning initiatives, and new trends in education.

PC Connection, Inc., a national technology solutions provider, has changed its brand name to Connection. Reflecting the increasing relevance of transformational technologies, this new brand aligns with the company’s mission to connect people with technology that enhances growth, elevates productivity, and empowers innovation. Connection unites PC Connection, GovConnection, MoreDirect, and Softmart into one brand name. Read more.…Read More

Chromebook Compatible All-in-Ones

Brother offers cost effective Chromebook compatible All-in-Ones (Print / Copy / Scan / Fax) that can handle the heavy demands of the school environment. Use these reliable, feature-rich All-in-Ones to print crisp color/black documents – right from your Chromebook!

Protect your Tech Investments

One-to-One implementations and BYOD are coming of age in many classrooms, creating greater learning opportunities, and changing the educational landscape. Managing and deploying a fleet of tablets for classroom use can be difficult to manage on a day-to-day basis. You will need to determine the most efficient way to sync, ensure devices are charged on a daily basis, and store then securely when not in use.

How to Improve Student Interaction and Engagement

How to Improve Student Interaction and EngagementThe students filing into classrooms today are members of the generation known as “digital natives.” They’ve grown up with technology. These tech-savvy natives understand how computers can be used for finding and assimilating new information.

The ongoing challenge for school administrators is pinpointing how to take student skills and translate that into a heightened ability to master new subjects. On the professional development side: leaders must also determine how to use technology — particularly tablets—to increase teacher effectiveness.

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Digital Collaboration within Education

GovConnectionChristie200x300Modern education is quickly shifting away from the traditional lecture format to a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing between students, gently guided by instructors.

But this new movement comes with its own sets of challenges that require creative solutions to enable seamless coordination in the learning community.

Download this whitepaper to learn how to take advantage of new technologies to support the integration of collaboration into scholarly practices.…Read More

Evolving Print Industry

Gov200x300If you’re involved in Career and Technical Education (CTE), you are probably aware that until
recently most programs tied to the Printing Industry revolved around the traditional offset
printing process. While the offset printing industry is still a vibrant business that requires skilled
trade workers, the fact remains that the printing industry is undergoing dramatic changes with
the advent of software design tools and high speed digital printing.

Please contact GovConnection to learn more about different types of CTE.

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Why the Modern Data Center Needs More than Legacy Security

GovCTrendMicro200x300With thousands of student records at stake, data security should be every leading educator’s priority. The data center has made rapid development with virtualization and cloud computing, but many school and districts continue to use traditional legacy security, leading to unnecessary complexity and opening the door to potential breaches of personal data.

Deep Security 9 from Trend Micro™ offers advanced protection from disruptions and data breaches, all managed from a single multi-function dashboard. Its seamless integration across multiple cloud environments empowers users to continue doing what they do best with peace of mind.

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Preparing for Success with online assessments

PreparingforSuccess200x300With the move to state-mandated online assessments, decisions about hardware, network infrastructure, professional development, and community outreach have never been more important. Please see how ACER, through GovConnection, is helping schools laying the foundation for success.

Enhance your classrooms 1:1 technology

Enhance your classrooms200x300Enhance your students classroom learning experience with the right Tablet accessories. With so many choices and options it is challenging to ensure your classroom technology is being used to its greatest potential. Belkin, through GovConnection, can help. Please download this information sheet and then contact GovConnection to learn more.