Augmented reality snags a coveted spot in classrooms

Increased accessibility, applications mean augmented reality is no longer a pipe dream

Courtesy of The Teaching Palette.

A student holds a tablet in front of a series of famous paintings. On each painting, something comes to life–sounds, animation, or a pop-up fact linking the painting to historical events.

The scene is reminiscent of a Harry Potter movie, but this isn’t magic. This is augmented reality–which, due in part to an increase in access to mobile devices and augmented reality apps, is becoming increasingly common in K-12 classrooms.

Augmented reality uses technology to blend the real world with interactive and enhanced content. When a student uses an augmented reality application while looking through a mobile device such as a tablet, the student will experience an overlay of interactive elements that enhance the “normal” scene. For instance, using an augmented reality app while hovering a tablet in front of a historical landmark could call up videos of important historical reenactments, important facts, or more.…Read More