Instant Access to Data Gives Schools New Power

The COVID-19 pandemic has school districts across the country reevaluating their approach to learning and engagement. Coupled with drastic funding cuts and an uncertain future for the return to in-person learning, the need for quick-access information is more critical than ever. Trying to build a strategic approach that maximizes resources and nurtures academic achievement is more important than ever before, and fingertip access to actionable information is the key to executing that plan!

Districts across the country have long struggled with the ways they extract and analyze data in PowerSchool. Level Data, a leader and innovator in EdTech managed services and a PowerSchool premier partner, developed RealTime Reports to enhance the ability of schools to access and understand complex data about their students and staff.

“The needs of schools have changed dramatically in recent years”, said Matt Betts, President and founder of Level Data. “It’s not enough for districts to simply have detailed information about their students. Departments throughout a district – from the lunchroom and attendance office all the way up to the district finance office – are depending on live-time information to make informed decisions like never before.”…Read More

Why every educator should care about net neutrality

Broadband for education expert gives four reasons why the FCC’s decision about internet service is a human rights issue

net-neutralityOn February 26th the world, as we know it, will either come to an end or we will have the second coming of the messiah.

Why? Because later this week the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote to reclassify broadband internet service as a telecommunications service, rather than an information service, under Title II of the Telecommunications Act—a decision which will have a significant impact on education.

With a handful of exceptions, the policy wonks and industry pundits have taken binary positions on the regulation of the internet, but there is more at stake than the Washington politics and beltway posturing: mainly, the issue of education as a basic human right and how the regulation of the internet may affect those rights.…Read More