L.A. officials unexpectedly move to shut down charters implicated in cheating

In an unexpected action, Los Angeles school officials Tuesday voted against renewing the operating agreements of two charter schools involved in a cheating scandal last year, reports the Los Angeles Times. The decision could lead to a shutdown of all six schools run by the Crescendo organization. The vote by the Los Angeles Board of Education was based on the revelation at Tuesday’s meeting that a principal implicated in the cheating scandal had been hired by the outside organization brought in to manage the Crescendo schools…

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More LA schools convert to charters as funds dip

El Camino Real High School has won six national academic quiz championships, boasts test scores that rank it as one of California’s top secondary schools, and offers two dozen college-level courses ranging from macroeconomics to human geography. Activities include a model United Nations and mock trials. The school is a source of immense pride for the beleaguered Los Angeles Unified School District, but like other successful schools before it, El Camino is about to break off from the district to get more funding and flexibility in how it spends its dollars as a charter school, the Associated Press reports.

“This is a huge loss for us,” said LAUSD school board member Nury Martinez at a recent meeting. “This feels like a divorce.”

With budget woes showing no signs of letting up, El Camino and other traditional neighborhood schools like it are converting to public charter schools, bleeding scarce dollars from cash-strapped districts and siphoning students. It’s a troubling pattern for school districts–every student enrolled in a charter means a funding loss, and defections of their own schools and principals are a blow to district esteem……Read More