Minecraft’s potential in today’s classrooms

Gaming, including Minecraft, has important implications for students

Minecraft-2Gaming is gaining more and more momentum in education, and one of the most popular games today is Minecraft, which educators are using in innovative ways in classrooms across the country.

Minecraft is a “sandbox” game that includes game-like components but offers users flexibility to build the game in any way they desire. The game offers different modes and approaches and is highly modifiable and flexible.

Though the game itself is popular, using it in classrooms based only on its popularity won’t work magic on students. But following best practices and a few important rules can help increase student engagement, said Marianne Malmstrom, cognitive architect at The Elisabeth Morrow School (N.J.). The school’s students used Minecraft to design their own game, Escape to Morrow, which they have been playing in–and out–of classrooms for three years.…Read More