Nepris raises $1M in to build more connections between industry and education

Nepris recently closed a seed round of funding totaling $1 million, led by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF).

Nepris brings together educators and industry professionals in an easy-to-use online community to collaborate and connect through live online interactive sessions where students get to see what they’re learning in the classroom applied to the working world.

MSDF invested in Nepris for its ability to make a positive social impact in students’ lives by preparing them for college and career. While Nepris connections do bring classroom lessons to life and add relevance, the greater impact is often inspiration students find in the professionals and experts whom they meet. These experts encourage students to dream big or to consider careers they may never have known about, like being an aerospace engineer or speech therapist or amusement park designer. Frequently, students ask questions about what college was like or what classes they should take now to help them prepare for college. Many students who previously felt college was unattainable begin to see greater possibilities for higher education and new career paths after a Nepris session.…Read More

Making STEM Careers Come Alive

Nepris200x300One of the biggest roadblocks standing between school-age students and prospective STEM careers is a lack of effective industry engagement in the classroom. To address this barrier, the White House launched an initiative to mobilize 1 million STEM mentors annually by 2020.

In this white paper we’ll explore the issues associated with advancement of STEM education in the U.S., illustrate the impact that positive industry-school alignment can have on the problem, and examine the long-term value of connecting industry to every classroom.

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