6 steps to help your district systematically personalize education

For the past decade, personalization has been a hot topic in education. You may have wondered if it’s a real and attainable goal for your school system or if it’s some holy grail that many seek but few achieve.

Community Consolidated School District 93 (CCSD93) in Illinois has been working to shift our instructional delivery system to a more personalized approach since the 2012-13 school year. While many believe that personalized learning is an instructional strategy directly tied to a laptop or tablet, for CCSD93, it goes well beyond that. Classroom instruction, curriculum, student grading, conferences, design thinking, and even learning spaces are components of our plan to personalize teaching and learning. Here are six steps that have been essential in our efforts to transform education in our nine schools.

1. Define personalized education for all stakeholders
Personalizing education has different meanings for different people. For us, it was initially difficult to try and accomplish this endeavor because teachers, administrators, and staff members had different ideas of what personalization was. We couldn’t get to the “why,” let alone the “how,” if we didn’t understand the “what.”…Read More