Chalk & Wire unveils MyMantl learning recognition network

As educational institutions and employers alike are moving away from macro-credentials, Chalk & Wire, a higher education assessment platform, unveiled MyMantl, a first-of-its-kind Learning Recognition Network.

Available this fall, MyMantl will provide a way for learners, educators, employees, and employers to recognize and showcase a lifelong journey of learning.

For the first time, learners–beginning in high school–will be able to track their academic and professional achievements and own their portfolio collections of learning, training, mentorship and digital credentialing. In addition to portfolios, MyMantl will offer digital badging tools, competency-based education program designers and job tools.…Read More

ClassDojo introduces student-led digital portfolios

ClassDojo has launched Student Stories, an easy way for students to add photos and videos of their classwork to their own digital portfolio, and share them home. Parents will be able to follow along with their child’s learning: whether it’s a photo of a poem they wrote, a video of a science experiment, or a reflection on finally solving a tough math problem, students can easily record and share their learning with parents.

“Like everything we do, the idea for Student Stories came about from speaking with teachers and parents,” said Liam Don, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at ClassDojo. “Parents already loved seeing photos and videos from class on ‘Class Story,’ but wanted to see even more about their own child’s projects and accomplishments. And teachers wanted to give students more ownership over their work. Student Stories does both: gives students more of a voice, and involves parents in learning moments they might otherwise never know about.”

Student Stories replace boxes and binders of students’ work with digital portfolios that are shared between school and home, sparking meaningful conversations on what students are learning at school. This is a dramatically different experience to what most parents are used to – where work may only be shared a few times a year or sent home days or weeks after it was done.…Read More

7 great iPad apps to create digital portfolios

Digital portofolios have become potent alternatives to the traditional portfolios, EducatorsTechnology reports. The added benefit of digital portfolios is their availability and easy accessibility anytime and anywhere. Be it in school, at home or anywhere else students will be able to check their portfolios and parents will also be able to track the pace of their kids learning. There are several web tools that teachers can use to create digital portfolios and some of these web-based applications are reviewed in an earlier post I wrote entitled ” Teachers’ Guide to Digital Portfolios”. Today, however, I am sharing with you some interesting iPad apps to create and manage digital portfolios on the go. Check out the titles I have below and share with us if you know about other suggestions to add here…

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