9 ways to support principal supervisors

Growing need for principal supervisors indicates schools will rely on strong leadership, training

principal-supervisorsThe results of a two-part study indicate that school districts will increasingly rely on principal supervisors to guide school principals through important transitions such as school reform efforts and Common Core implementation.

According to “Rethinking Leadership: The Changing Role of Principal Supervisors,” principal supervisors usually oversee a large number of school principals in addition to handling other administrative oversight responsibilities, and principal supervisors oversee 24 schools each, on average. The study was commissioned by the Wallace Foundation and released by the Council of the Great City Schools (CGCS).

Those principal supervisors’ strengths should line up with the needs of the schools they supervise, the report’s authors write, but that doesn’t always happen–instead, most principal supervisors and schools are paired according to geographic locations so that school visits are more convenient.…Read More