New online community shares ed-tech best practices

Project RED, an ed-tech research and advocacy group that has been studying how technology can help re-engineer the education system, has created a new online community for school technology decision makers that includes access to its research findings.

With funding from HP, Intel, the Pearson Foundation, and SMART Technologies, Project RED a few years ago launched a national research study of 2,000 schools, examining each school’s technology program. The group’s findings suggested that—when implemented effectively—technology can provide a significant return on investment (ROI) and help raise achievement. Project RED also defined what it meant by “effective” implementation: in other words, what the research suggested was the best way for using technology to get the maximum ROI in schools.

Now, Project RED has developed a methodology for effective ed-tech implementation, based on its findings. Tom Greaves, chairman of the Greaves Group and one of the creators of Project RED, said the methodology is available through the group’s new professional learning community that offers tools, resources, and opportunities for school and district leaders to collaborate.…Read More

Ed-tech group IDs ways to help boost achievement

Project RED will use its past research to offer educational opportunities for district leaders.

An initiative that uses research to identify ways to use educational technology successfully soon will launch a professional learning community with resources and collaborative opportunities to help school and district leaders better prepare students for a global economy.

Project RED, which aims to help educators effectively integrate technology into the classroom, consists of the Greaves Group, the Hayes Connection, and the One-to-One Institute.

Two years ago, Project RED released landmark research indicating the key factors in ed-tech success. Now, in its second phase, the project will use its past research to offer educational opportunities for district leaders and school administrators.…Read More

Study reveals factors in ed-tech success


When properly implemented, technology can have a positive impact on student achievement.
If schools can afford to make only one key investment in education technology, it should be infusing their intervention classes with technology, the study suggests.


Schools with one-to-one computing programs have fewer discipline problems, lower dropout rates, and higher rates of college attendance than schools with a higher ratio of students to computers, according to the results of a major new study. But for one-to-one programs to boost student achievement as well, they must be properly implemented, the study found.…Read More