5 ways Quizlet helped increase test scores and morale in my classroom

With growing classroom sizes, it can be tricky to ensure that every student is motivated and challenged with activities tailored to their specific needs. While textbook readings and worksheets are certainly an important part of the educational landscape, I’ve found that some of the most effective learning in my classroom occurs when we meet students where they already are: on their screens.

A few years back I had two special education students that were struggling in school; despite trying hands-on tools, paper worksheets, and other review materials, they were still unable to pass their assessments. I heard good things about Quizlet from another teacher and decided to give it a chance, creating study sets that allowed my students to study different concepts through a combination of games and activities, both in the classroom and at home. After a few weeks of using Quizlet, my students’ test scores started to improve from failing (20s to 50s) to 70s, and they finished the year achieving 80s on their tests. We finally found something that worked!

Since then, I’ve found that integrating Quizlet’s multiple tools both in and out of the classroom have helped all my students, regardless of level, continuously improve to the point where they now exceed expectations.…Read More