5 reasons why our employees complete safety training online

School districts have many requirements to meet, and for each of these requirements, there’s a company (or multiple companies!) with an app or online program that says it will make our jobs easier. Staff safety training is no exception. While this task may not daze large districts with expansive HR departments, it can be a huge undertaking for smaller districts that have to meet all of the same requirements as large districts.

To more efficiently use our district’s time and money, we switched from on-site safety training to the online staff training system from PublicSchoolWORKS. Here’s why.

1. Online training is more convenient.
Employees automatically receive an email featuring a link to the online training course, which was assigned to them based on their job description. They can then access the training courses anytime, anywhere—as long as they have an internet connection. This has made training much more convenient both for employees and administrators tasked with scheduling training sessions. We no longer need to reschedule training sessions or provide make-up sessions for those employees who were unable to attend. They can do it online whenever it best fits into their schedules.…Read More