Parents say teacher’s ‘sex survey’ went too far

A “sex survey” at the Rio Rancho high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico has sparked criticism among some parents, KOAT reports. The teacher who issued the survey has been put on paid leave. While the survey was supposedly intended to teach kids about sex and how sexual diseases are spread, parents told the station that it went too far when the students had to list the people they’ve recently kissed, and to mark if there were sexually active.

“I wouldn’t have agreed to any of this,” parent Paul Bustamante told the station…

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Mom files complaint after daughters given oral sex survey in middle school

A Massachusetts mother of two middle school students was alarmed to discover her children had been forced to take a survey about sex in the classroom, the Huffington Post reports. Arlene Tessitore is filing a formal complaint with the Department of Education over the survey, which she says asked her daughters inappropriate questions about oral sex, birth control and other topics…

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