Campus survives the ‘iPad jitters’

Two-thirds of Seton Hill faculty members say they frequently use the iPad in class.

Putting Apple iPads in the hands of every student and professor on a PC-based campus required some convincing, but a year later, Seton Hill University officials said the tablet program has changed the way classes are taught.

Seton Hill in Greensburg, Pa., a small campus of about 2,400 students, drew international attention in 2009 when officials there said every student and educator would receive an iPad just after the tablet was announced.

Other schools, from research campuses like Oklahoma State University to small institutions like Washington College in Chestertown, Md., followed Seton Hill’s lead and experimented with a limited number of iPads.…Read More

Early iPad adopter to use art application this fall

Art Authority will be used in two Seton Hill art courses this fall.
Art Authority will be used in two Seton Hill art courses this fall.

Seton Hill University, one of the first campuses to board the Apple iPad bandwagon before the device was released in April, announced Aug. 23 that its art history students will use an iPad application that allows access to more than 40,000 sculptures and paintings.

The university’s art faculty and instructors will use the iPad application known as Art Authority in the campus’s Modern Art and Italian Renaissance Art courses.

University officials said the iPad app would offer students a way to review classic and modern artworks outside of class without relying on static images in textbooks.…Read More

Developers seek to link iPad with education


Some educational iPad applications are available at no cost in the Apple store.
Some educational iPad applications are available at no cost in the Apple store.


Technology experts say Apple’s latest gizmo, the iPad, won’t replace students’ laptops, but a menu of applications could help teach the periodic table, a range of languages, and a host of other K-12 and higher-education subjects.…Read More

Pa. university to give all students iPads

It hasn’t even launched yet, and already Apple’s iPad is catching the eye of colleges, CNET reports: Pennsylvania-based Seton Hill University, which has an enrollment of about 2,100, announced March 30 that starting this fall all full-time students will receive an iPad tablet device in an effort to boost learning ability and technical know-how. “The iPad initiative kicks off the university’s Griffin Technology Advantage Program,” the school wrote on its iPad page. “This new program provides students with the best in technology and collaborative learning tools, ensuring that Seton Hill students will be uniquely suited to whatever careers they choose—even those that have not yet been created.” Through the program, each student will receive the iPad, as well as a 13-inch MacBook. Students can use the devices in class and for personal use. The university even plans to replace the laptop with a new one every two years. Students will own the devices, meaning they can take them after graduation. Seton Hill believes that, with the help of technology, it can create a “just-in-time learning environment” that enhances student learning and helps them learn “technological skills [they will] need in the 21st century workforce…”

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