9 inspiring social studies apps

These engaging social studies apps can help students absorb content while they have fun learning

social-studiesMath and science seem to get all the focus these days, but other core subject areas deserve just as much attention–and this includes social studies and history.

Student engagement may dwindle when they read about historical events or other cultures from a textbook, but giving them access to social studies apps can help stir their interest and make learning more engaging.

These apps, from geography, to U.S. history, to world civilizations, are just the starting point. What social studies apps do you use or recommend? Let us know in the comments section.…Read More

Six ed-tech tools for social studies instruction

Here are reviews of six high-quality apps, tools, and websites that can help teach social studies concepts, courtesy of Common Sense Media and its new Graphite service—a free database of teacher-written reviews of learning technologies.

studies-learningGoogle Earth

Learning rating: 4
Grade range: 3-12
What is it? Virtual globe shines with breathtaking features, endless possibility.
Pros: The social studies learning possibilities really are endless; it’s easily integrated into learning activities across the curriculum.
Cons: Differences in photo details and quality by location limits users to what’s available for viewing—which is still stellar in most cases.
Bottom line: Outstanding features, interactivity, and astonishing versatility—the virtual total package for kid explorers.
Full review: http://www.graphite.org/website/google-earth

iCivics…Read More