12 STEM resources for all grades

These sites are intended to help students strengthen much-needed STEM skills

stem-resourcesIn classrooms across the nation, STEM education is hailed as one of the most important concepts for today’s students.

After all, STEM know-how, coupled with skills such as problem solving and strong communication, will help students compete with peers on a global level.

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7 powerful STEM resources for girls

The statistics surrounding STEM education and jobs in the US are rather staggering to me, Edudemic reports. The latest that I’ve read indicate that US students are still trailing WAY behind other nations in Science and Math education (US ranks 47th in Math and Science education quality, and 78% of high school graduates don’t meet the standard levels for at least one entry level STEM class). To top it off, there’s a pretty strong gender divide in the STEM subjects: Many fewer girls are interested in even studying these subjects, and they don’t feel at all confident about their skills…

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