These sites are intended to help students strengthen much-needed STEM skills

stem-resourcesIn classrooms across the nation, STEM education is hailed as one of the most important concepts for today’s students.

After all, STEM know-how, coupled with skills such as problem solving and strong communication, will help students compete with peers on a global level.

We’ve compiled a list of STEM websites for elementary, middle, and high school students. Each grade range features one science, one technology, one engineering, and one mathematics resource.

What are some of your favorite STEM resources? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Elementary school

S The Lawrence Hall of Science: Students play games and have interactive, engaging experiences as they learn about all manner of science topics

T EduBlogs: Secure blogging to help young students organize their thoughts and learn how to interact online

E eGFI, from the American Society for Engineering Education, offers lesson plans, class activities, and outreach programs for students of all ages, including K-5 students.

M Developed by a teacher, Math Cats is designed around open-ended and creative math exploration.
Middle school

S Through a free basic membership, students can use BioDigital Human to learn and virtually explore the human body.

T Scratch: This programming resource is designed for children ages 8-16, and is perfect for middle school students who want to learn more about programming

E Central Texas Discover Engineering: While this resource is Texas-based, the middle school engineering activities are engaging and encouraging.

M Math Central: This safe site is maintained by teachers, faculty, and students at various Canadian universities. Students can ask questions, try out challenging math problems, and more.
High school

S Coaster Crafter: Building roller coasters is one way to learn about physics, and this resource helps students learn about force and motion while testing their constructions.

T Prezi: High school students can learn how to create and give presentations on their own or with peers, learning valuable skills for college and the workforce

E Engineer Your Life is an engineering guide for high school girls.

M The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is a library of interactive web-based virtual manipulatives and concept tutorials. The tools help engage students and prompt them to visualize mathematical relationships in unique ways.

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