Stolen laptop makes it from DC school to Louisiana pastor in 10 days

A month before last Christmas, a church pastor in Louisiana found the gift his wife wanted: a Hewlett-Packard Elitebook laptop computer, selling on eBay for $500, reports the Denver Post. The Rev. Elijah Teh-Teh bought it, hid it and when the holidays came, he wrapped the box and put it under the tree. But his wife’s elation was short-lived. After a few sputtering starts, the computer stopped working. An internal security program had been activated and an ominous message flashed on the screen. The laptop was stolen. “She was disappointed,” Teh-Teh said. “My wife is an educator, and she desperately wanted a laptop.” Lawanda Teh-Teh’s gift from her husband had been taken in a burglary of a D.C. high school on Nov. 16, 2012, just 10 days before the pastor bought it from the popular internet shopping site. How this computer sped from Room 220 of Luke C. Moore Academy in Northeast Washington to the pastor’s bungalow-style house near Shreveport’s airport is a testament to the speed and efficiency of the underground pipeline that drives crime, including the District’s stubbornly high number of robberies…

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