Graphic novels, eBooks on students’ summer reading list

The Manga comics, which are read back-to-front, are very popular with students.

Tom Miley, a media specialist for Baltimore County Public Schools, relayed something of an odd desire to a group of summer school reading students at Ridgely Middle School in Lutherville, Md., on July 25.

“My goal in two or three years is to be out of a job in the summers, because there are no more reading students in summer school,” he told one class.

And to accomplish that, Miley has spent the last couple of weeks introducing the nearly 1,600 summer school reading students at the county’s five summer school locations about alternative ways to pique their interest in reading — including graphic novels and eBooks.…Read More

10 books for high school summer reading

Students might not enrich their minds inside a classroom over summer break, but that doesn’t mean enrichment can’t be found in one of the original 24-7 tools for learning: books.

Be it on a Kindle, Nook, iPad, or the printed page, books keep students’ minds stimulated, encourage creativity and innovation, and allow for higher-order thinking.

The trick is to find books that not only provide educational value through themes such as self-discovery, culture, social mores, feminism, and political activism, but also to find books that inspire students to keep reading.…Read More